Individual Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching could be a good fit for you if you are considering changes to optimize your personal health and wellness, or looking to positively shift certain aspects of your life. Wether you are trying to fit more physical activity into your schedule, reduce and manage stress, make healthier eating choices, incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily life, learn coping skills or just get un-stuck. Wellness Coaching enables lasting lifestyle change by focusing on your own agenda to bring out your best self.

Offering Personal Wellness Coaching programs tailored to fit your specific needs. Susana will offer a profound level of support, guidance, and encouragement to make changes, without being judgmental. Sessions can be in-person or via Video Conference. An entire program consists of a 60 minute initial session, each coaching session after that lasts about 45 minutes and can be completed in 12-16 weeks. Wellness Coaching Program Includes:

  • Wellness assessment

  • Individually tailored sessions

  • Short and Long term goal setting

  • Weekly S.M.A.R.T action plans

  • In-between session messaging for accountability and/or celebrations

  • Affordable Rates read FAQ for info.

Ready to embark on the journey of your life?

*For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions about Wellness Coaching

Group Health & Wellness Programs